We are now into our 12th season, and have passed 100 successful recoveries!

We here at L.J.R believe in keeping a respectful, professional relationship with our clients. Our clients are important to us, so taking care of their needs are top priority.

Lost your jewelry? We can help!

We have the best metal detecting equipment available, to search and recover your lost jewelry. Whether is was lost years ago or recently we can find it. Our equipment is capable of searching land and water in all seasons. We can do water searches to a depth of 5 feet.

Lost your jewelry outdoors?

We have the best in metal detection technology to search and recover your lost item. We search many places such sports fields, school yards, local parks, in your backyard, cottages or at the beach, in the sand or in the water.

What we will do for you

Our Promise

Although L.J.R can't guarantee we will find your lost item, we will do our best to search for a reasonable amount of time and make all efforts to find your lost item. We will not leave any mess or uncovered holes on your property.

LJR Back of Truck

Contact: "LostJewelryRecovery" Metal Detecting Service Mb. 204-961-1755